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Shayan, the founder and CEO of Chicago Loc Bar, infuses her work with the rich cultural background she brings from Jamaica. With over seven years of experience under her belt, she’s become a highly respected figure in loc hairstyling. Shayan’s approach is unique, seamlessly blending innovative techniques with traditional methods to create truly stunning results. Her dedication and expertise have been key to Chicago Loc Bar’s success, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for loc care in Chicago.


Ariadne Walker, a creative soul with a strong faith, has been obsessed with hair since forever. Whether it was mastering her own mane or working her magic on loved ones, hairstyling has always been her passion. Now, a licensed natural hair stylist, Ariadne has a special place in her heart for microlocs – those stunningly intricate, mini-dreadlocks. But really, all locs get her fired up! Since falling for the world of locs, her mission is to empower you and transform your loc journey into something truly beautiful.

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